Meet Alex CEO of Living Kings

Updated: Jul 22

Meet Alex Parker, CEO of Living Kings Social Media Solutions,

specializing in helping companies grow their audience and engagement with customers through groundbreaking strategies, analysis, and everyday tips.

This young entrepreneur started his company from the ground up and on his own at the age of 16. Living Kings Social (Living Kings Inc) is a product we highly recommend if you want your business to grow with the best, organic results. We [Stay Lit Radio] have been receiving insights and tips on how to better our business, the results are amazing! As customers, we can testify that our company grown from 0.00% in the first week we began streaming late 2018 to now, an average 97.7% (1,800 listeners & 2,000 social media engagement).

Give LKI [Living Kings] a try to grow your business, and you won't forget it!

You can also catch Alex her on Stay Lit, live on air Weekdays 1pm-3 for Rock Out Noon

Twitter @_LKSOCIAL_


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